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Cafe Olympic

Is it going to be a coffee on the run – or sprint – in the morning? A quick lunch for champs? Or a casual comfort food dinner to finish the day perfectly? Cafe Olympic is Amsterdam-South’ dug-out to score some kick-ass coffee and comfort food with a relaxed vibe – all day long and for everybody. Whether it’s the businessman from the Zuidas, a local family or a hotel guest that just checked in; at Cafe Olympic, it’s anyone’s game. We believe that, just like sports, food has the power to connect people, and we love to make them feel like winners. That’s the medal we’re striving for.



Our Story

It’s 1928, and Amsterdam is bustling. And that’s not just because of the regular city dwellers, locals and tourists roaming around town. It’s something much bigger than that. Cause this year the Olympics take place in Amsterdam – one of the most significant Dutch sports events ever turned out later. Thousands of athletes, spectators and supporters gathered from all over the world. Excitement, enthusiasm and energy fill the air. Sports have the magical power to connect people. And at Cafe Olympic, that’s just what we do.




Whether it’s the businessman that goes for a coffee on the go in the morning, hotel guests that grab a quick lunch before exploring the city or the local Amsterdam South family that’s having a casual, comforting dinner. At Cafe Olympic, it’s anyone’s game. Our bistro-cafe, in the Stadium area in Amsterdam-South, connects people in a way the sports event did back in 1928. In a laid-back bistro atmosphere, guests are welcome all day long to fuel up with coffee, comfort food and casual vibes.




Cafe Olympic has a line-up of all-star players when it comes to comfort food. What to think of coffee and cake to get a head start of the day. Or lunch with carpaccio, a club sandwich, a Caprese salad or croquettes on bread. And a slam dunk of juicy burgers, ribs, grilled lobster, steak, and home-style pasta to finish the day. It’s medal-worthy comfort food. Because we believe that our food should serve the same purpose as sports. It has to make you feel enjoyable and relaxed. For a proper start or an amazing finish – Cafe Olympic is the casual all-day destination to score some kick-ass coffee and comforting food.

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Opening Hours Cafe Olympic:
lunch from 12:00 – 16:00 | max. seated capacity 240 guests
dinner from 17:30 – 23:00 | max. seated capacity 100 guests

Reserve by Phone

We take reservations for lunch and dinner. To make a reservation, please call us at +31 20 240 50 50.

We do not book the bar area – we leave this for walk-in guests to ensure that we always offer some tables for those who have not booked.

Private Dining & Events

Cafe Olympic can seat up to 240 guests for lunch and 100 guests for dinner. Whatever the occasion or celebration, we are here to make your special day or evening a memorable one.
Our Private Dining Room is available for private parties from 8 to 18 people.

Our Private Dining Room is available for private hire
for parties of 8-18.

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Cafe Olympic is located on the ground floor within the Olympic Hotel.

Cafe Olympic
IJsbaanpad 12
1076 CV Amsterdam
+31 20 240 50 50

Accessible through the main entrance of the hotel.

If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable question that our team can not answer.


Olympic Hotel in-house Parking Garage: €25 per day
please inform us for availability

Frans Otten Stadion: Parking Garage

Street: €4,50 per hour

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